June through August

Virtual Beer Run

We only do beer runs! If you feel the same way, this virtual run is for you! Walk, run, or drink your way through as many miles as you want! Run a 5K or run from your refrigerator to your coach... it all counts!

Register... run or don't... send us a social shout out. All proceeds from the race benefit Downtown Hays Development Corporation (DHDC), a 501c3.

Time and Location

Go on this beer run whenever, where ever, with whoever!

About the Event

  • The $50 registration cost includes some great beer-related items so you can recover from this run properly!

  • You'll get a tee shirt in novelty beer colors, a bottle opener, and a tall boy koozie! Of course, you'll also receive a bib and medal showing that you are a pro at beer runs! 

  • Shipping cost is included and we will ship all over the US! Registration closes October 1 so grab your drinking buddies and get moving!

We welcome pictures of your run and your post-run beer - you get bonus points if your beer comes from a local brewery! Post your photos with #IOnlyDoBeerRuns or tag us on Facebook and Instagram @DowntownHays!


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