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Every Third Thursday


Downtown Dialogue 

DHDC is very excited to see what 2022 has in store for Downtown and we hope you are too!
This year we want to continue to focus on opening up the dialogue between DHDC, business owners, and the community. Every third Thursday of the month Sara Bloom, executive director and Allie Glidewell, events director, will be at Breathe Coffee House. We're inviting board members, business owners, community members... anyone who wants to bring ideas, suggestions, challenges, struggles, questions and more to DHDC.
We hope you'll join us and let us buy you a cup of coffee! Let's work together to better Downtown and our community.

Coffee Drip
Coffee on Table
Time and Location

Every third Thursday of the month

Breathe Coffee House | 307b Main Street


Save the Dates 

  • January 20

  • February 17

  • March 17

  • April 21

  • May 19

  • June 16

  • July 21

  • August 18

  • September 15 

  • October 20

  • November 17

  • December 15

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