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Downtown Spotlight with Karen Dreiling of Furniture Look

After working in retail furniture for ten years, Karen Dreiling opened Furniture Look on October 1st, 1991. The Hays native started her business at 1101 Main Street Downtown and spent nine years at that location before moving to 1000 Main Street to expand her store.

Karen worked to set her business apart by providing her customers with full service from start to finish, reinventing spaces with custom pieces, upholstery, and accessories. Quality is a top priority for Karen, and she wants to share her appreciation of traditional and American-made pieces like the Smith Brothers of Berne and American Drew. Karen understands the importance of good craftsmanship and wants to educate her customers on brands that built their furniture the way it was made years ago—built to last.

Karen had a vision of creating a niche boutique with quality furniture at affordable prices, and after years of hard work, she has achieved it. She is proud to have anchored her business Downtown and to be a destination for people all over Kansas. Karen loves what she does and wants to share that with her customers, so visit the Furniture Look to have Karen and her group of professionals help you reimagine your living spaces.

We thank Karen and everyone at the Furniture Look for their partnership with the DHDC and dedication to downtown.

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