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Free Hand Sanitizing Stations Available to Downtown Hays Businesses

During the summer of 2020, Ellis County received $5.7 million in federal funding from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. To help distribute the funds, Ellis County created a group called EllisCARES through which Downtown Hays Development Corporation (DHDC) was granted funding to provide 100 automatic, free-standing, hand sanitizing stations to Downtown Hays businesses at zero cost to them. Hand sanitizer gel and batteries will be included.

The company DHDC is utilizing to purchase such a large order is Stand Up Stations based out of Irving, Texas.

"We received quotes from several businesses as directed by the CARES requirements," Sara Bloom DHDC Director said. " We chose Alex and his team at Stand Up Stations because he was so impressed by our initiative, he offered not only to drive 8 hours to get the stations to us for free, but free assembly as well."

The stations will be available to Downtown businesses Friday, October 2.

DHDC is committed to helping businesses stay open during these unprecedented times. When a board member asked about hand sanitizers for their entrances, it was natural for this organization to take on such a project.

"We are honored to assist Downtown Hays businesses by facilitating this opportunity," Bloom said. "We look forward to working with each one."

If you are a Downtown business that would like to request a station for your business, please email

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